Property Law and Possession (WCPT273) – 1.5 CPD Points


Join us in this 1.5 CPD point session as we introduce you to the complex area of property law. On successfully completing this module you will earn 1.5 CPD points toward your elective requirement. Approval Code: WCPT273.


Leap into law as it pertains to property and ownership. Participants will partake in an overview of the theories relating to:

  • What’s Personal and Real property?
  • The grey area that is the difference between Fixtures and Chatels.
  • The Torrens Title System, principle of indefeasibility, risk mitigation, transfer of land act and Landgate.
  • Understand the difference between Freehold and Leasehold property ownership.
  • Types of ownership under the law (Joint tenancy and common tenancy).
  • Understanding and definitions of Encumbrances on the Certificate of Title.
  • Ownership versus possession.

Approval: WCPT273


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