The Prescribed Lease (WCPT229) – 1 CPD Point


The form of the residential tenancy agreement is now prescribed by law. In this session we’ll be examining the form 1AA in detail, explaining each part and giving you best practice guidance in the completion of the lease. Important: this session is an educational session only and is not legal advice. Watch this session and amaze your colleagues and, more importantly, dazzle your clients with your expertise! Each year real estate practitioners registered or licensed in WA must complete 7 elective CPD points in addition to their 3 point Mandatory session. On successfully completing this module you will earn 1 point toward your elective requirement.


This session takes you step by step through the prescribed residential tenancy agreement. It is suitable for property managers wanting an in-depth, best practice look at the prescribed form; its also a perfect for sales representatives wanting to understand the essentials of residential tenancies; and it’s a perfect way for agents to remain in touch with evolving best practice. Completion of the course (65% or better) entitles you to one elective CPD point. We will advise the Department of your successful completion – Approval Code: WCPT178.


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