PM Pain Relief (WCPT270) – 2 Point


Get ready to dive into a 2 point elective session covering the stranger side of residential property management. the odd and unusual will take you on a veritable roller coaster of real life case studies and examples from the world of Perth property management. Case studies covered in this session include:

Drug dilemmas – So you’ve found a drug lab, what now? What are your obligations legally, ethically and personally? Gassy issues – What do you do when you smell a leak? Death of a tenant – what now? Do I have to tell? Blow up swimming pools and portable spas – how to pop the question Where can I found reliable information in a world of fake news and phonies? Whose responsible for what in a strata dilemma? What do you do when the bank repossesses the property? How do I negotiate a compromise both parties to a dispute can live with? All this and more await you in the odd and unusual world of property management!


Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms?

  • High Conflict People bringing you down?
  • Owners raising your temperature?
  • Rent increases giving you a headache?
  • Final bonds giving you the chills?
  • Fair wear and tear causing you pain?

Fast Acting Property Management Pain Relief;

  • Cures difficult owner headaches
  • Soothes final bond pain
  • Eases break lease discomfort
  • Prevents rent increase issues
  • Restores Property Management Confidence

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