7 Point CPD Sales Pack


Sale to Settlement Process (WCPT230) - 1.5 CPD Points

This elective CPD session tracks a typical residential sale from Offer and Acceptance to final settlement. We will examine the possible paths that a written contract can take, why they commonly fail and how proper preparation in the stages leading up to the offer can be critical to a successful conclusion. Topics covered include avoiding pitfalls in pre-settlement inspections and the proper process in the final handover. Find out what really happens at a settlement and about the role of the settlement agent in bringing the sale to a happy conclusion. We'll also touch on the most common ways property scams happen and how your attention to detail helps defeat these criminals. Approval Code: WCPT155.

Prospecting and Appraisal (WCPT219) - 1 CPD point

In a tough market you have to focus on the basics. So when the going gets tough, the tough do elective CPD! Get back to basics with this 1 point session on prospecting and appraising. We review best practice in prospecting and appraising property, with a focus on the consumer protection implications of common agency activities. The impact of state and federal legislation is discussed, especially Australian Consumer Law, on agency practice. Each year real estate practitioners registered or licensed in WA must complete 7 elective CPD points in addition to their 3 point Mandatory session. On successfully completing this module you will earn 1 CPD point toward your elective requirement. Approval Code: WCPT179.

Contract Law in Real Estate (WCPT222) - 1.5 CPD point

The best real estate contract writers have a sound knowledge of how the law operates around contracts. Do you? If you want to do more than simply fill in a form, check out this session. Jackie will take you through the basic framework of law in Australia, look at different contract types, delve into the terms we create within a contract including the differences between conditions and warranties and take a look at breaches and terminations of a contract. Void, voidable or valid? Definitely a session for the thinkers in real estate, with a focus on legal stuff presented in a user friendly format. And 1.5 points!

The Torrens Title System (WCPT228) - 1.5 CPD Points

Improve your understanding of the Torrens Title system with this 1.5 CPD point session. This course is comprised of a series of videos, each followed by a small quiz; exploring different aspects of the property title system used in WA and administered by Landgate. Special attention is given to strata titled property, an area fraught with misinformation. Amaze your clients with the depth and detail of your knowledge in this highly technical area.  Approval Code: WCPT177.

Introduction to Risk Management (WCPT235) - 1.5 Point Session

What is risk? And how do you manage it? What happens if you don't? Did you know that risk management is a structured discipline with international standards? This course will bring you up to speed on the theory and practice of risk management in a WA real estate context.  On successfully completing this module you will earn 1.5 points toward your elective requirement. Suitable for agents, sales reps and property managers of every experience level.